Sunday, March 29, 2015

How many of ancestors have you identified?

While trying to connect to some DNA matches, I came to the realization that if both parties don’t have their trees back far enough it is impossible to connect to your distant cousins. (Duh!)

I started thinking about how many direct line ancestors one has if your tree doesn’t collapse on itself. I found a neat little chart that had some DNA numbers as well, but decided to use this part of it and see how many ancestors I actually had. 

I think I will periodically update this post as I identify more of my ancestors.


Generations Total Ancestors Ancestors Identified
1 Parents 2 2
2 Grandparents 4 4
3 Great-grandparents 8 8
4 Great Great-grandparents 16 16 *
5 3rd Great-grandparents 32 26
6 4th Great-grandparents 64 34 *
7 5th Great-grandparents 128 25 *
8 6th Great-grandparents 256 21 *
9 7th Great-grandparents 512 16
10 8th Great-grandparents 1024 23
Total 2046 175

* Includes females with no maiden name and individuals with only an initial for first name.


Happy Hunting!!

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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Online timelines for your genealogy

Third times the charm. Hopefully!
I have posted a list of the online timelines to this blog before. Last time I moved that list to a list website because I thought it would be easier to maintain. Well guess what? That website went belly up at the end of last year taking all the lists with it.
So, I am back to listing the timeline sites directly to this blog. I hope you find them useful!
As always, if you find any other sites or if you use any other sites, please leave a comment and I will add them to the list.
Happy Hunting!

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Genealogy Timelines

  • Dipity - Find, Create, and Embed Interactive Timelines (
  • Capzles Social Storytelling | Online Timeline Maker | Share Photos, Videos, Text, Music and Documents Easily (
  • WhenInTime is a web application for creating and sharing timelines. (
  • Create Free Interactive Timelines – Stories Displayed on Maps | myHistro (
  • Free Timeline - Create, store, print timelines absolutely free! (
  • Timeline Maker | Preceden - Make an amazing timeline in minutes (
  • Create timelines, share them on the web | Timetoast timelines (
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Friday, March 07, 2014

What’s up with the Pearson/Pierson and Clifford names?

The names Pearson and Clifford show up in my Montgomery family line quite often. We have always thought that James Montgomery was the source of the Pearson name because we assumed that he gave his first-born son his middle name.

The Clifford name, while not as prevalent as Pearson, also shows up in the Montgomery line; however, this name has no convenient explanation like that of Pearson.

I believe that the both Pearson and Clifford names did not come from the Montgomery line and that James Montgomery’s middle name, if he had one, was not Pearson.

Let me step back some, James Montgomery was my 4th great grandfather. I connected him to my family by a bible transcription available in two places online, here and here.  

I wrote about finding this information previously (you can read about it here) and have since verified most of the dates with records. This transcription lists James Montgomery as James Montgomery, no middle name. His oldest son is named Pearson Clifford Montgomery (1828 – 1892). This is the first instance of either of those names in the Montgomery line as far as I can tell.

Going forward, we have the following names, from oldest to current.

Pearson Clifford Montgomery (1854 – 1949)

Rosetta "Rose" Clifford Montgomery (1898 – 1996)

Frank Pearson Montgomery (1916 – 1997)

Frank Pearson’ line embraced the Pearson name and there are several living individuals with Pearson in their full name.

Now, let us go back to James Montgomery (1805 – 1878), since I do not know for sure who James’ parents are, I cannot positivity say that there is no Pearson or Clifford further back in the Montgomery line. The problem I run into is I have not found any record that includes Pearson as James’ middle name. I believe that we (the Montgomery family researchers) assumed that Pearson/Pierson was James’ middle name .

So where did Pearson and Clifford come from?

Again, we start with James Montgomery (1805 – 1878). James married Nancy Varble, the daughter of Daniel Varble and Katie Clifford. So this to me explains the Clifford name. Pearson Clifford Montgomery got his grandmother’s maiden name as his middle name. Nevertheless, we are no closer to the elusive Pearson/Pierson.

Moving back, Katie Clifford’s parents were Jacob Pearson Clifford and Nancy Boone. There it is, the first Pearson! But this is also a middle name, where did it come from?

Moving back further still, Jacob Pearson Clifford’s parents were Michael Clifford and Elizabeth Pierson/Pearson. Aha! We have a mother, Elizabeth, who gave her son her maiden name as his middle name, or as another researcher put it, “a mother who named a son after her father.”

To me this is a much better explanation of the Pearson names then simply saying James Montgomery’s middle name was Pearson, but as always I await the documents that prove me wrong.   Smile

Happy Hunting,

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Side note: I want to thank Clint Jones for helping me figure out the lines backwards from Nancy Varble and for stressing the importance of finding records, both primary and secondary. Thank you, cousin Clint!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Death Tree

A few other genealogists have posted their “Death Tree” for All Hallows’ Eve today. I thought I’d join in and see what I have.



Not sure what to make of all this information, but it was interesting putting it all together.


Happy Hunting!

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