Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birth certificate asks more questions then it answers!

Yesterday night while searching through the Footnote 1930 census, I stumbled upon the birth certificate for Guy Edward Perdue.

Guy is the youngest son of William Henry Perdue and Ada Adelia [Periman]. Ada is my "favorite" brickwall. I've previously blogged about her here.

Image Information
Publication Title: Texas Birth Certificates, 1903-10, 1926-29
Publisher: FamilySearch
County: Fannin
Year: 1906
Given Name: Guy Edward
Surname: Perdue
Father Given Name: W H
Father Surname: Perdue
Mother Given Name: Ada Adelia
Mother Surname: Peraman
City: Honey Grove Tex R # 9

Hoping that this birth certificate would finally give me the correct maiden surname for Ada, I quickly opened and scanned the document to see the information listed for Guy's mother. Instead of what I expected, I found a so called "corrected" birth certificate and another spelling variation for Ada's surname. [Peraman]

So with no quick or clear answer to my original question, I took a closer look at the certificate. First thing I noticed was that the corrector did not add/change Guy's father's full name. Why? Wouldn't this be important if you were going though the trouble? Second thing I noticed was that Ada's age at Guy's birth is typed over at least twice. Is is 33, 34 or ? Interesting that the certificate lists both number of children born and living as seven (7). I only know of six children.

Lastly, two questions: Who was/is the informant for this corrected birth certificate, C. J. Graves? And why was it necessary in 1945 for Guy to have a corrected birth certificate?

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