Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Rigsby Marker - Oliver Springs Cemetery, De Leon, Comanche County, Texas

This marker was cause for both the "Happy Dance" and some cursing (whoops... did I really say that?!)

Let me explain: I was looking for my great-grand mother, Allie Crew (nee Rigsby). I managed to find her death certificate (Thank you Family Search Pilot!) and posted her memorial to Find A Grave with a photo request for her marker.

Sometime later, her marker was added and to my amazement she was buried under one stone with several of her kin, including her step-father, Dock Rigsby; her mother, Bethey; her sister, Ada; Ada's son, Lee and Joe Rosson, Bethey's father. (Thus causing the "Happy Dance".)

Also buried under that marker is Will Rigsby. William Hiram Rigsby is Allie's father. This was passed down to me and seems to in line with a Rigsby researcher I've worked with. The problem is no one knew when or where William died. Finding the name Will Rigsby on this stone was amazing but there are no dates! (Thus the cursing!) The Oliver Springs Cemetery doesn't seem to have any records of the burials. (Several researchers have been kind enough to look through the local library but the only thing there is a tombstone transcription list.)

(Photo courtesy of Find A Grave member, Linda Gilchrest)

Find A Grave Memorial for Allie Crew.
Find A Grave Memorial for Bethey Rigsby.
Find A Grave Memorial for "Dock" Rigsby.
Find A Grave Memorial for Will Rigsby.
Find A Grave Memorial for Joe Rosson.
Find A Grave Memorial for Ada Miller.
Find A Grave Memorial for Lee Miller.
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