Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blogging Prompt #14 - Technology

Week #14 prompt:
Talk about the different types of technology you use in your genealogy research. Whether it’s a new search engine, a special application, or anything else “2.0,” let readers know what you’re working with, and how it’s working for you.

Right now the genealgy database software I use is RootsMagic4.  I really enjoyed working with RM3 so decided to upgrade to 4 when it came out.  So far so good.  I'm planning to "consolidate" all my genealogy into one RM4 database. (Not an easy task as I have information all over the place.  But I'll blog about that later.)  I actually have several database programs on my computer, including FTM,  Family Tree Legends, TMG 6&7.  I never really used any of these programs except FTM.  I switched to RM just prior to FTM's major upgrade in 2008(?).

I have a tribalpages genealogy website.  It is in desperate need of maintenance. (Something else I need to work on.)  Sometime back, I started a family wiki as well.  It did not really catch on so it now refers interested persons to contact me via email.

For research, I use Ancestry a lot.  It's worked well for me for many years and I've connected with several relatives via the message boards or more recently via the messaging system.  The Family Search Pilot especially the Texas Death Certificates has been a real boon. I have found approximately 140 death certificates.

The application I love is Geni.  Back in 2007, I started my site and have slowly addend more then 300 relatives (both living and dead).  I recruited my brother and he uploaded more then 3000 family photos to the site. Everyone that I run into on Ancestry or orther message boards that are related to me is invited to my Geni site.  Most recently a second cousin started to add her family to Geni.  Just wonderful!

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