Saturday, April 04, 2009

How my second cousin found me

Yesterday, out of the blue I received this email:
I ran across your site, Would like to know how you are related to The Crew's. My grandfather would have been Emil Crew.

I was shocked and excited as I've not been able to connect with anyone so closely related on that side of the family.  Turns out my second cousin found me via Find A Grave.   (I've since invited my second cousin to my Geni site.)  I have high hopes for the future.

This connection never would have happened without the internet as my mother only met her uncle once and this was when she was a teenager.  She never was in contact with any of his family.

I'll keep posting and writing about my family.  Hopefully more of them will find the "bread crumbs" I've left and contact me.

Ain't the internet grand!

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