Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - My Genealogy Space(s)

Here's the challenge for tonight from Randy Seaver over at geneamusings:

1) Take a digital picture of your Genealogy Space - whether it is a table, desk, bookcase, whatever. Take more than one if you want.

2) Show off your Genealogy Space to all of us in a blog post showing your digital pictures. If you aren't blogging or don't want to show us your pictures, go to 3) below without passing Go or collecting another ancestor.

3) Tell us something about your Genealogy Space. How long does it take you to find something? Are you thinking of reorganizing your space?

OK... Here is a photo of my table where I do all my work (genealogy, paying bills, etc.)  I am a "pile-er".  When I'm working on something, it seems to generate tons of paper and it gets all piled (by category, of course) on the table. I have to go every few weeks and re-organize/file (and/or throw away) things I'm no longer working on or have finished.

Below is a photo of my genealogy filing cabinet.  A few years ago I made all the color coded tabs and sorted the paperwork I had into files.  This system works OK for now.  I found that I can locate these filed items pretty quickly.  However,  if I have been working on them they are downstairs on the table in some pile or another.

I know I really need to "clean out" the upstairs bedroom/office so that I can work there instead of the table.  The family would actually be able to have dinner there.  Now there's a thought!  

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