Friday, September 18, 2009

Most memorable trip to a cemetery

I'm taking the course US: Cemetery and Mortuary Records from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.

The first assignment was :
Describe your most memorable trip to a cemetery (this can be in any country). Where was this cemetery? Set the scene - age of the cemetery, condition or upkeep of both the cemetery and the markers, monuments or gravestones, weather condition outside the day of your visit, whom you were with. What was your original purpose in going to this cemetery? What did you find? Why was this trip so memorable?

This is what I posted:

My father, mother and I were driving from California to Texas on one of our summer vacations.  It's a very long drive and my mother insisted on stopping every few hours to stretch her legs.  On one of these stops, we happened to find an old cemetery just off the road.  The cemetery was nestled in some pine trees and was not fenced.  It was not overgrown so someone obviously was taking care of it.   There was no grass like we see in modern cemeteries, just dirt and the occasional weeds or underbrush that had not been cleared away yet.  Most of the markers were upright stones and not very ornate.  What was supposed to be a five minute driving break turned into a hour walk though the cemetery.  My mother and I looked at each stone, row by row, talking about unusual names we found or the many infants buried there.  While we did not set out to visit this cemetery and we could not find any relations.  I always remembered my visit there.  It was an wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon.

So how about you?  What was you're most memorable trip to a cemetery?  I'd like to hear your stories.

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