Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday - Tipton California 8th grade class of 1930

My grandmother, Gladys Jane Montgomery is pictured in center row second from the right.  Grandma would have been 16 at the time and just a few months from marrying my grandfather.  She evidently really liked her principal/teacher because she kept the head-shot photo of Mr. Baker as well.

The notations on the class photo are my grandmother's.  I decided to see if I could locate the people she named in the 1930 Census and was very successful.  I found three out of  four in Tipton, Tulare Co., California.

"Mr. Baker" is Carl H. Baker.  He is listed as 39 years old, married to Minnie C. with three children, Anna, Minnie L. and Ruth.  Occupation principal of public school.

"Delilah" is Delilah F Dossey.  She is listed as14 years old and is living with parents, Arthur and Lulu along with several brothers and sisters.

Esther (age 16) and Evelyn (Age 11) Modderman are listed with their parents, John and Mary.

I was not able to locate "Eddris".

I would be interested in finding any of the other children pictured.  If you have any leads or suggestions, kindly leave a comment or drop me a line.

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