Friday, November 13, 2009

Still a newbie... blog tweaking continues

Today I've been tweaking my blog.  I finally got around to adding FeedBurner and the email subscription widget. Thanks Thomas for your wonderful, step-by-step instructions! [If you haven't set yours up yet get the instructions on GeneaBloggers.] 

I also managed to add my Creative Commons license and My Free Copyright license. This was a pretty simple process.  Just needed to fill-in some information and html code was generated.  Cut and paste to blog layout.  I can handle that! 

I'm still trying to get my Terms of Service, Privacy and Comment Moderation policies posted and linked.  Terms of Service and Privacy need to be edited and posted.  Seems I'm just to lazy to work on them.  They are so boring!  But that is next on my To Do list.

I'm having trouble with the Comment Moderation because I switched the comments away from Blogger and to Disquss.  Basically, I like Disquss better then Blogger's comment form but I am unable to add the Comment Moderation Policy directly to the comment block.  I've been in touch with Disquss and they told me it was possible to add it but it would have to be added to my blog template. Now being new to this, I don't feel comfortable doing that.  I found someone from Disquss who is supposed to help but have not heard back from them.  Oh well... I can let that go for now.

All these little things reminded me how much I still don't know about running a blog.  After a year, I'm still a newbie.  Hopefully, I'll get the hang of this soon!

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