Friday, December 18, 2009

Mom & Dad's 54th Wedding Anniversary

Today would have been my Mom and Dad's 54th wedding anniversary!

They were married today in Zion Lutheran Church in Terra Bella, California.  Mom always told me that Dad only married her for her car.  (Dad was in the Navy at the time and had no need for a car of his own except when he was on leave.)  

Here is a photo of them and "the car" taken in August 1955.

They married the week before Christmas because my Dad asked my Mom to go with him to Texas to meet his family.  Now being the respectable girl, Mom said she could not go all the way to Texas with a man that was not her husband.  I guess Dad really wanted Mom to meet his family!  They had a small reception at her parents house.  Then they were off  on their "honeymoon", which was the car trip from California to Texas to meet Dad's family.  (They never did get a "proper" honeymoon.  Mom always wanted to go to Hawaii but she wouldn't get on a ship or fly. But that is another story!)

Here are some photos of the event:

My Dad passed away in October 1998, so they did not even get to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary but I always remember this day as theirs.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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