Monday, December 07, 2009

Stuff from my mom - Part two

Actually, I've had this envelope from my mom since June but have not looked into it completely.  Since I listed the last envelopes contents I thought I'd do the same with this one.

  • Birth announcements for twin girls of Mr. & Mrs. Don Baker. 1957
  • Birth announcement for son of Donald Bynum. 1957
  • Birth announcement for son of Don & Fay Bynum. 1966
  • Obituary for Viola Bynum. Paper and date unknown.
  • Obituary for Joe Bynum.  Paper and date unknown.
  • Memorial card for Tommie Bynum. 1982
  • Church bulletin showing baptism and adult confirmation of J C Bynum. 1979
  • Photograph of the Bynum Texas city sign.  Date unknown.
  • Notes regarding the naming of Bynum Texas.
  • Wedding photo of Maria and Eric Tucker. 2000
  • Photo Christmas card from Gary Tucker family. 1992
  • Birth announcement for daughter of Oda & Laura Crew. 1963.
  • Invitation to 40th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Crew. 1970.
  • U. S. Government Operator's Permit of J C Bynum. exp. 1957.  No photo. With signature. 
  • Memorial card of Minnie DeLaney. 1960
  • Obituary of Minnie DeLaney.  Paper and date unknown.
  • Postcard to mom from dad.  Undated. (ask mom)
  • There notes to dad from his brother, J D.  In envelope dated 1997. Not all notes came at same time.
  • Memorial card for Floyd Cothran.  Grandma Crew's best friends husband. No relation.
  • Three letters to mom from dad.  1958.
  • Birth announcement for son of Gary & Dianna Tucker. 1975.
  • Memorial card for Virgil Crew. 
  • Obituary of George Walton.  Paper and date unknown.
  • Birth announcement for son of Glenn and Patti Montgomery. 1969.
  • Memorial card for Melmer Ward. 
  • Memorial card for Edwin DeLaney.
  • Memorial card for Glenn Montgomery. Note to mom from wife of Glenn.
  • Birth announcement for daughter of Steve and Erin Montgomery. 1967.
  • Memorial card for Agnes Montgomery. 
  • Photo Christmas card from Diana and Gary Tucker. 2008
  • Certificate of Baptism for mom. 
  • Letter to mom and dad from Veda Ward.  undated.
  • Two different 8th grade diplomas for mom.
  • Photo - Bill and Pat Motts. 2002 ( Unknown relation.)

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