Monday, December 07, 2009

Stuff from my mom

Back in early October my mom told me she had been going through the "junk" in her house and she would be bringing me anything she thought I might be interested in.  Well she ended up here in the middle of October due to my brother being in the hospital but she remembered to tuck the envelope of stuff into her belongings and give them to me.  I've not had a chance to go through them until now so I thought I'd share what she brought.  Here's the laundry list.

  • Purchase papers for my mom's 1997 Ford Escort.  This car has long since been sold and is probably in the scrap heap now.  (Not sure how these papers are relevant for genealogy research other then dates and my father's signature.)
  • Two vehicle registrations for my father's 1984 Toyota truck.  This vehicle was sold after my father passed in 1999.  (Again, don't understand how this information can be used for genealogy.)  

  • Completed California tax forms 1954 - 1958 and 1960 - 1962.  Some include the returned payment checks.  My mother even kept the 1955 instructions.  (These are a goldmine of genealogical information.  They include address, occupation, SS#'s, income information, etc.  I will have to send some time going over these.)
  • Bills, insurance benefits and payments from my mother's 1958 surgery. 
  • Mom's performance reviews and State of California certificate of completion for "Psychiatric Technician" at the Porterville State Hospital.   
  • 1984 letter from my uncle, Joe Bynum along with a photograph.
  • 1957 letter from my uncle, Oda Crew announcing the birth of daughter.
  •  Interoffice Memorandum dated 20 September 1971 announcing my father's promotion.
  • Interoffice Memorandum dated 24 May 1971 announcing my father's promotion.

  •  Practical Nursing Certificate for my mother, dated 6 June 1962 along with postcard from teacher giving final grade as "B".
  •  Mom's Volunteer Service Certificate from Harbor General Hospital dated 1963.
  •  Grade report for Harbor College dated 1972.
  • 25th wedding anniversary party invitation,  napkin and thank you note from Agnes and Frank Montgomery dated 1962.
  • Birthday party invitation for Edwin DeLaney dated 1989.
  • Scroll from wedding of Erin and Jamie Ellis 1994.
  • Admission papers and billing information from brother's 1960 Tonsillectomy.
  • Graduation announcement for Cindy Connole 1996.  Also letter to Glady's Crew for Cindy.
  • Letter dated 1962 from my father to my mother. (Have to ask mom about this.  Not sure why they were separated at that time.)
  •  Christmas wishes letter from mom's best friend. It is undated.
  •  Mom's final pay stub and letter announcing closing of store, Grain d'or.  Dated 1991.
  • Memorial service card for Mildred Rambo. Dated 1978.
  • "New Home" greeting card with names of all who attended housewarming party.  1967 Mom and dad's first home.
  • Obituary of Edwin DeLaney. Paper and date unknown.
  • Memorial card from service of Edwin DeLaney.
  • Memorial service program of Edwin DeLaney.
  • Photocopy of a poem written by Edwin DeLaney.  Undated. 

Thanks mom!  I'm so glad you never throw anything away!

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