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Wordy Wedneday - Gymnastics Photos

My Treasure Chest Thursday post of last week was my Rhythmic Gymnastic awards.  (You can find the post here.)  So today, I decided to show you a few of my gymnastics photos.

When I first started gymnastics, I was asked to be on a newly started Artistic gymnastics team at the local YMCA where I'd been taking classes.  This is a photo from one of our meets circa 1981. (I'm about 12 years old here.)  Beam was my favorite event and if I remember correctly, I only competed beam, floor and vault.  (I absolutely hated uneven bars!) 

I discovered that I did not like all the "tricks" that you had to learn in Artistic gymnastics but I loved learning ballet and other dances for my floor routines.  And I loved helping the younger gymnasts learn their compulsory routines.  

So a few years later, my mother found a Rhythmic Gymnastics class being taught at the local community college on Saturday morning.  I loved it!  And after a few classes, I was asked to join the competition team.

I learned the compulsory routines, which were Hoop, Clubs and Ribbon and had a Ball routine choreographed just for me.  This photo of my Club routine was taken during the Regional Championship 31 March 1984.   (I received a second place ribbon for this routine.)

During 1984 our team was part of several exhibitions promoting the Los Angeles Olympics.  It just so happened that Rhythmic Gymnastics was a new addition to the Olympic Games that year.

This is a photo from one of the exhibitions. I'm pretty sure this is the Los Angeles Convention Center. (I'm doing the compulsory ribbon routine.)

Soon after the meets and exhibitions were over, I decided I did not want to compete any longer.  I had a love for teaching so I went back to my Artistic coach at the YMCA and asked for a job.  As I was only 15, I could not officially work but I was allowed to volunteer my time.  Again, I loved it!  Teaching new skills and choreographing Beam and Floor routines was so much fun! (I also talked them into letting me teach a beginning Rhythimc class.)

These two photos were taken after I had been back teaching for a few years.  I was about 17 years old.  A new YMCA was opening up and a professional photographer was sent around to take photos for a brochure.  As Steve and I were the only ones around, he asked if we could do something that would be easy to photograph and look good in a brochure.  (You know, teacher - student looking.)  These are the result.

By the way, Steve was my Artistic coach and mentor.  His full name is Steven Lamont King.  If anyone knows him, I'd really like to get in touch with him.

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