Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordy Wednesday - Bynum Men

Left to right: David (Dave) Williamson Bynum, Unknown, Albert Eugene Webb, Thomas (Tom) Lafayette Bynum, Isaac Smith.  Taken in Texas, probably at Albert and Lula Webb's house in Hutchinson county.

My second cousin, Arliss posted this photo to her public Ancestry tree and she gave me permission to "take anything I wanted".  Thank you Arliss!

Photo identification on the back reads ""Left to Right:  Dave Bynum; Tom Bynum; Grandpa (Albert) Webb; Lloyd Davis?? and Isaac Smith"   This identification is incorrect. Tom Bynum is the fourth person with the bow tie and stripped pants.  I have other photos of Tom, Dave and Albert so I am positive in these identifications.  As I do not have any other photos of either Lloyd Davis or Isaac Smith I can not positively identify them. 

Tom Bynum is my grand father.
Dave Bynum is my great uncle.
Albert Webb is my great grandmother's 2nd husband.
Isaac Smith is my great uncle.  (Husband of Elizabeth Bynum.)
Lloyd Davis is my great uncle.  (Husband of Sammie Bynum)

If you can help in identifying these individuals, please contact me. 

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