Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday – Another almost forgotten box full of stuffed dolls

About a week ago, I was looking for a box of stuff that I knew would help My Young Man with his homework project.  I found that stuff but as it turns out it didn’t help My Young Man at all. (sigh)  In searching the house, I also found a box of homemade keepsake treasures I’d saved from the trash can when my mom and dad moved.  They are presented here in all their worn-out but very much loved glory.


My lion (I’m sure he had a name but it’s long forgotten) and my sock monkey.  I’m pretty sure both of these items were made for me by my grandmother, Gladys Jane Montgomery Crew.












My mother made this doll for me when I was about three or four.  She also had a name but again, it has been lost to time .  My friends and I played with this doll a lot and her body shows lots of wear, as evidenced by her “shoe”.  This doll has a removable dress and possibly had other clothes that were made for her as well.  (If there were other clothes, I no longer have them.) 









This is Scarlett. She is another one of my mother’s creations. According to mom, she saw an ad for the pattern in a magazine and ordered it the summer of 1978.  After making one, my father liked it so much he took it to work to show his co-workers.  Apparently, his co-workers like it as well and put in orders for them requesting particular eye color, hair color and dress color.  Mom says she made about 25 or so dolls that year.  A majority of them she sold as Christmas presents to dad’s co-workers for $35.

I watched my mom sewing these dolls and begged to have one.  Mom made one for me and presented it as a Christmas gift from “Santa”.

Here I am removing Scarlett from the Christmas Tree.



Below you can see Scarlett with her many layers of clothes and a close-up of her face.



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