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The Montgomery line furthered? or Are you my (3rd and 4th great grand) father?

I’ve been trying to further my Montgomery line for some time now.  I have bits and pieces but nothing solid.  Below is a note from my grandmother that has been pretty accurate, for the most part. 

Montgomery Notes

The information for Theodore Jonas and his wife, Sarah Jane Hicks was spot on as was the information on Ann and her second husband, Andrew Gordon.  I was also able to confirm and expand information on Theodore’s brother, Pearson.  I’ve done several posts on what I know about the Montgomery line.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find my 3rd great grandfather, the above mentioned “August”.

Before I go any further, it might be best to show the basics of what I know or was told:

August Montgomery -  Born: Unknown date in Kentucky [Place from children’s census records]; Died: 1965 at the end of Civil War
Married Ann Mary Latamore when she was 15 in 1850.
They had the following children:
Pearson Clifford Montgomery - Birth: 22 August 1852 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky; Death: 6 February 1949 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas
Theodore Jonas Montgomery - Birth: 09 February 1853 in Kentucky; Death: 14 September 1919 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas
James "Jim" Montgomery - Birth: about 1858 in Kentucky

While looking for census’ of the above children, I came across this 1870 Federal Census from Black Creek, Shelby, Missouri:

1870 census

Notice lines 7 through 10.  Since Theodore was married in Missouri in 1877, it makes sense to find his family in Missouri in 1870.  It also makes sense that August is missing from this census as he is said to have died in 1865.  Above the Ann Montgomery family is another Montgomery family, the head being a James Montgomery aged 64.  Could this be August’s father?  And what of the John below Ann’s family?  Possibly a brother or cousin?  Certainly these Montgomerys are related as it seems James at least is “taking care of” Ann and her sons.

So the next step is to see if I can find anything on James, et all to connect them to August but where to look?  Why Kentucky, of course.  So I settled on Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky because Pearson’s death certificate lists Louisville as his place of birth.

I went to the USGenWeb site for Jefferson County, Kentucky and did some poking around.  After much searching, I found the transcription for the “Montgomery Family Bible”.  You can view it here: The Montgomery Family Bible.  I took a quick look at the page and one name in particular stood out - Pearson Clifford Montgomery.  Could it be My Pearson Clifford Montgomery?  Alas, no, I’m pretty sure my Pearson never married and he could not be married in 1862 (He would have been only ten years old.)  But….. the similarity of names including James married to Mary, the two children, Joseph and David, Pearson and another man named James Augustus.  So I started matching names with dates of birth, death and eventually marriages.

As it turns out, the bible family matches fairly well the two listed in the 1870 census and what I was told about August Montgomery.

  Census (Age) Bible Transcription (DOB) Match
James 64 Oct 27th 1805 Yes
Mary 36 March the 7 ‑ 1813 No
Joseph 18 Oct the 3 18‑52 Yes
David 16 September the 17 18‑54 Yes
John 30 December 15th, 1840 Yes

From the bible transcript, James Augustus Montgomery born March 15th, 1830 and died Died August 19, 1865.  (The death date agreeing with the family story that August died at the end of the Civil War.)

I started a new Ancestry family tree to keep the dates , etc. straight, to see what other records I could come up with and lastly to see if there was anyone else with this family in their tree.  You can access it here: The Montgomery Family Tree

My only regret now is that I was not able to contact the contributor of the family bible transcription, Gene Smith of Claxton, Georgia.  I tried the given email address and contacting the county coordinator but both email addresses no longer exist.  So the search goes on without a very important connection.   

If you have any information that might help in my search for the Montgomery family, please contact me.

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