Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Prolific Dads

Here’s the mission from Randy of Genea-Musings:


Determine who is one of the most prolific fathers in your genealogy database or in your ancestry. By prolific, I mean the one who fathered the most children.


Without checking, I’m sure that my Dad’s father is one of the most prolific in my known ancestry.  My Dad was the ninth child of 13 born to Thomas Lafayette Bynum and Viola Perdue Bynum.  Some of the kids are still living so I won’t list them here but the oldest was born in 1913 and the youngest was born in 1940.  My father jokingly told my mother after they were married that he wanted more children then his father.  My mother politely told him to “take a flying leap”! 

After checking my database,  I found that Andrew Hicks and Rebecca Ellen Lasley also had 13 children that survived to adulthood.  The oldest was born in 1857 and the youngest in 1882.

I have several fathers with 12 children including Samuel Lafayette Bynum and Lula Hefner but only ten making it to adulthood.    Patram Pardue/Perdue and Elizabeth Basket also had 12 children.  I believe that 11 of them made it to adulthood.  Charles Crew had 11 with Hicksey Bean and one with Elizabeth Jackson.

Elisha Crew had 11 children with three wives.  James Montgomery also had 11 children with three wives.

Those with ten children: Robert Ash and Cyrena Herrington; Stephen Hicks and Hannah Gray/Grey; Herbert Schmidt and Alvina Spangenberg.

These are just the fathers in my direct line.  I’m sure if I expanded the search I’d find many more.

Happy Fathers Day!!


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