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Alonzo “Lonnie” Montgomery Found?–Part 1


Alonzo Montgomery cropHis name was Alonzo Montgomery.

When I asked my grandmother about her relatives she knew little about her father’s family. She asked her aunt Rose who wrote her a few letters about the family.  “Lonnie” as he was known by his family, had disappeared. Rose’s exact words were

“The oldest boy Lonnie disappeared in 1911 and has never been heard of since.”

So Lonnie has always been a mystery to me. Of course, while researching my great grand father I also found information about his children including, Lonnie.

According to the 1880 US Census, the family was living in Black Creek, Shelby County, Missouri.  Lonnie is listed as Alonzo and he was five months old being born in December of the previous year.

The next time I found Lonnie he is in two 1900 censuses. On 4 June 1900, he is enumerated as a boarder living with the Whitwell family in Civil District 12, Maury County, Tennessee.  Several days later, on 12 June 1900, he is enumerated with his family in Civil District 14, Lawrence County, Tennessee.  In both instances his name is listed as “Lonzo”, his birth is listed as December 1879 in Missouri and his occupation is listed as  “farm Laborer”.

I never could locate Lonnie in the 1910 census and his trail went cold.  So what happened to Lonnie?

It’s possible that another record may shed light on Lonnie’s fate. A recently found “Register of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914”  lists a “Lonnie N. Montgomery”. Could this be our long lost “Lonnie”?

Here is the document in question:

Lonnie Montgomery Army Registration

(I know, I know this photo doesn’t help at all ‘cause it won’t zoom!  Please click here to go to the zoomable photo. It should open in a new window or tab.  The line in question is 1687.)

And here is how Ancestry has it indexed:

Lonnie N Montgomery

I have some reservations about this document which I will address in my next post.  It also brings up more questions then it answers by itself.

Happy Hunting!

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