Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Not S0)–Tipton, California 5th grade class of 1930

I volunteered to scan some family photos for my 1st cousin 1x removed and in the collection she sent me was another Tipton, California school photo.  This one contains my grand uncle, Frank Pearson Montgomery.

Tipton 5th grade

My grand uncle is in the third row down from the top, second from the left.

Here’s a cropped photo so you can see him better. Frank Tipton 5th grade

So now I have the school photos of two of the four Montgomery children.  My grandmother’s school photo can be seen in a previous post here.  I’m not sure that the two youngest, ages 8 and 5 were at school in 1930.  In looking at the 1930 census, there is no listing for “attended school” and in the “occupation” field all the children are listed as “none”.

I’m thrilled to have this additional school photo!  Thanks to Patt for sharing it with me!

Happy Hunting!

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