Friday, June 08, 2012

It’s Been A Long Time!

Wow, I’ve been absent for months. I haven’t had time for genealogy since I started school but now that my semester is over and summer is finally here, I’m ready to get back at it.

While I was studying, three genealogy things have hit my “To Research” list. (OK, I don’t really have a “To Research” list but maybe I should!)

In no particular order:

  • I was contact by a “cousin” by marriage, who is looking for information on Ada Adelia Perryman Perdue. She has been one of my “bang head here” people. I’ve written a few times about what I know of her on this blog. Maybe with someone else also looking for information, we can finally find her parents.
  • My cousin Arliss contacted me about the validity of James Bynum being the father of David Williamson Bynum, my 2nd great grandfather. This is another area where research is lacking but I’ve my own ideas about James. Will have to write them all out and run them by Arliss (and possibly here are well). Another case where having two people working on the same project will, hopefully, make a big difference.
  • Most recently, I was contacted, via Ancestry message board, by someone that was always told they were descended from Rev. Charles Crew and his wife, Hixcey Bean. What is most interesting about this, it the fact that I’d never heard of her ancestor, one Josephine “Josie” Crew. She was married to Robert H. Stroud in 1899. Josie’s date of birth in 1881 puts her out of the time frame as Hixcey’s daughter because Hixcey died about 1875. Charles is believed to have married again but no other researcher I’ve talked to has been able to confirm this second marriage. (There is a census record and that’s it.) I’m looking forward to helping unravel this mystery as well.

Happy Hunting to you all!

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