Monday, December 31, 2012

Unreadable Census! What’s a girl to do?

I was working on cleaning up my Ancestry database last night and decided to follow one of the “shaky leaves” that came up for the Patterson family. I have two Pattersons that married two Crews and I always thought that the Pattersons might be related. After following several records, including some death certificates on Family Search, I was able to confirm that the two Patterson women are indeed related.

Since I can’t just leave well enough alone, I decided to try and “fill-out” the rest of the family.  I managed to ascertain the father [or head of the household] and was lucky enough to find several census records that included both the Patterson women and a son but I still needed to link to the other children that are listed in another Ancestry tree. (I did manage to locate a death certificate for one of the sons but the father and mother listed by the informant does not match this family. I still believe this is the correct person but will need some other documents to confirm.)

Now, enter the 1900 census. It is the only one that is missing from the father and family. This one would likely include the entire family. I managed to locate the census record on Ancestry but it is near unreadable.  Here is how Ancestry has it indexed.

Ancestry index 


Here is a section of the actual image Ancestry image:

Ancestry capture

I tried making it black but the didn’t help. My next thought was where are there other 1900 census images? Maybe they are better quality. So off to FamilySearch….

Here is how FamilySearch has the image listed:

United States Census, 1900; Texas; Travis; ED 117 Justice Precinct 6; Image 43 of 64

And here is what it looks like:

FamliySearch capture

Slightly better but not much. Here is the negative image:

FamilySearch negative capture

Who else has a 1900 census? Why HeritageQuest of course. Really hoping this image will be readable!

Alas, no such luck!
Here is how the HeritageQuest image is listed:

1900 > TEXAS > TRAVIS >  6 J-PCT   Series: T623 Roll: 1673 Page: 204

And here is the image:

HeritageQuest capture

And just for good measure the negative image:

HeritageQuest negative capture

Now that you have seen them all, I ask what is a girl to do?  Where else can I locate a census record? Do I need to have someone look at the county courthouse? I am really at a loss here.


Happy hunting!

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